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Headwaters Fly Fishing Company Stream Reports - Upper Mississippi River

Current Reports for Upper Mississippi River:
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9/22/2005 - September 20th

The water level has come up and the fishing has been great. Poppers in the afternoon have been the most productive presentation.

9/8/2005 - September 8th

The river is fishing so well right now. Low and clear and the fish are starting to feed heavily for the fall season. Should be good for another month or so. Big fish are startiung to become very active.

9/6/2005 - Week of September 5

The upper Mississippi has been fishing well. Low clear stable flows have been the recipe for good fishing. We had some rain but the river has not moved much.

9/2/2005 - week of September 1

The river remains low and clear. Same conditions as before - fishing has been good to great.

8/24/2005 - Week of August 22nd

The river is low and clear and fishing well! A warm up after a cold front really jump started the fishing after a slow weekend. Look for the fishing to stay good until fall.

8/15/2005 - weekof August 12

River is low and clear - perfect for fly fishing for smallies! Fish are active in AM and again around 4 PM then on through the eve until 8PM

8/10/2005 - week of August 8th

The river is at a nice level. Fish are scattered all over the river but more so in the rocky tailouts. Poppers are still producing but streamers will be the best choice during the day.

8/5/2005 - Week of August 1

The River is at a perfect level and fishing well. Look for fish in the midstream areas. Busy-busy sorry for the lack of reports lately.

7/27/2005 - Week of July 25th

The Mississippi is dropping rapidly. Keep going down I say! The fish are relating to the midstream structure so look out in the main channel for large fish.

7/19/2005 - Week of July 18th

The river has dropped considerably. Look for fish farther out in the channel, the bankside lies have become less secure for large smallmouth. Divers have become more productive.

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