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Headwaters Fly Fishing Company Stream Reports - Western Wisconsin Spring Creeks

Current Reports for Western Wisconsin Spring Creeks:
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1/8/2022 - New Winter fishing report

From John Goplin

As much as I hate to see the hunting season come to an end, I always get excited for the winter trout season. Winter trout season means layers of clothes, warm socks, stocking hats, hand warmers, and iced up guides (unless you use a Tenkara rod).

Techniques - Remember to fish some of the deeper slower pools. The insect activity will mainly be Midges and small Black Stoneflies during the nicest time of the day (no need to get out too early). Once the hatch starts, you can get some fish moving into the riffles where the bugs are coming off. I like to start out throwing Turkey Buggers in the deeper pools. I'll vary the bugger size depending on the water depth, trying to fish just off the bottom. Midday, I'll maybe switch to a double nymph rig with a heavier stonefly pattern with a Zebra midge behind it. Also, watch for rising fish as you start to see midges hatching or crawling on the snow near the water (sometimes you'll notice birds active along the shore eating the bugs hatching).

Flies - Midge patterns: Zebra Midges sizes 18-20, Griffin's Gnat size 16-20, Midge Cluster size 14-18, Small parachute dries like an Adams size 18-20. Stoneflies patterns: Any of your std. nymph patterns like Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, etc. in sizes 14-18 (remember to use darker patterns since as they are about to hatch, their wing case turns dark). Buggers: I prefer dark colors and bead headed in sizes 4-10. My favorite is tied with dark dun colored turkey marabou. Freshwater Shrimp patterns: As many people overlook throwing scud patterns, this can be a great pattern in the winter. Pink Squirrels size 12-18, Gray / Pinkish scuds size 14-18

So, get out and enjoy the winter trout season. You'll be amazed how good the fishing can be!!

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